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The current economic crisis was perfectly predictable. Housing prices skyrocketed, while family income had remained stagnate for more than a decade, making the crash inevitable. Banks, awash with cheap money in a lax regulatory environment, earned large fees from loaning to anyone, even those who could not pay, avoiding the consequences by selling the loans on Wall Street. Average Americans, their wages stagnating, their health care costs rising, and their retirement prospects becoming precarious, could either participate or risk being left further behind. The economic pain has moved beyond those directly involved to everyone affected by the real estate economy; that is all of Florida.

Whether you have a problem with a large, complex commercial project or a single family house, we understand your problem, but more important, we understand how to deal with your lender. We will negotiate a workout agreement with your lender, or failing that, we will aggressively represent your interests in litigation with your lender, including in mortgage foreclosure actions.

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