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Trust Elimination of Debate

Jon Rabiroff   April 3, 1996; Page 02D    

DAYTONA BEACH -- Proposals to eliminate the Beach Trust Commission and put off formation of a water management board are expected to be debated tonight at a Volusia County Charter Review Commission meeting.    

  ``I think we are beyond the point of bloodshed, but there will be some dissent,'' commission Chairman Bill Scovell said. Two proposed Charter amendments are scheduled for discussion at the 6 p.m. session:    

* Eliminating the Beach Trust Commission.    

* Forming another Charter Review Commission in five years to review the work of the Volusia Aquifer Alliance and how well the county's water supply is being managed.    

Proposed Charter amendments endorsed by the commission will be placed on the November ballot.    

The Beach Trust Commission is made up of representatives of the county's eastside cities. The panel has long been criticized as ineffective because it makes recommendations to the County Council, which has no say in its membership. West Volusia cities aren't represented at all.    

Doug Daniels, chairman of the Charter Review Commission's Beach Committee, said his group is united in wanting to eliminate the Beach Trust Commission, but divided about whether -- or how -- to propose a replacement board.    

Committee members tried in vain to come up with some combination of city and council representatives to propose as a board to replace the Beach Trust Commission, but failed to reach a consensus. The committee ultimately decided to recommend that the County Council create a beach advisory board of its own.    

That way, Daniels said, ``The responsibility for running the beach is put squarely on the county. . . . There is no more hiding behind the Beach Trust.''    

As for water management, another commission committee stopped short of proposing a charter-mandated board. Instead, the committee recommended reviewing water management issues in five years, in part to give the Volusia Aquifer Alliance of cities now being formed a chance to show how well it will be able to protect the county's water supply.    

Scovell said he expects a counter-proposal to be made today that ``the Volusia Aquifer Alliance is not workable . . . and we should be acting more precipitously.''   Cutline: Scovell    

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