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We litigate in both state and federal courts and before administrative agencies. We evaluate each case carefully, prepare our clients thoroughly, and keep them informed fully. We have a special focus on probate and trust litigation, ensuring beneficiaries receive all to which they are entitled.

Real Estate

We represent developers, owners, and buyers in all types of real estate matters, including development, construction, selling, leasing, financing, and permitting. We also handle construction disputes, representing owners, contractors, and subcontractors in construction defects, breach of contract, and mechanics lien litigation.

Loan Workout

The current economic crisis was perfectly predictable. Housing prices skyrocketed, while family income had remained stagnate for more than a decade, making the crash inevitable. Banks, awash with cheap money in a lax regulatory environment, earned large fees from loaning to anyone, even those who could not pay, avoiding the consequences by selling the loans on Wall Street.


The firm is the leader in the redevelopment Daytona Beach and has helped with a variety of high profile efforts including the Boardwalk redevelopment, revitalization of the historic Main Street Pier, the Ocean Center convention center and a wide range of other redevelopment projects.

Government & Public Policy

We represent businesses and individuals in legislative and administrative matters before local, state, and federal governments, using a variety of techniques, including administrative actions, lobbying, litigation, and building community consensus.

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