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Lawyers On Charter Review Commission Also Targeted

Matt Reed   May 14, 1996; Page 02D    

DAYTONA BEACH -- Bill Spillman doesn't care much for lawyers, and he's upset so many of them get a say in crafting the Volusia Charter -- the constitution for county government.    

  Four attorneys have volunteered on the 15-member Charter Review Commission. And Spillman has accused all of them of harboring conflicts of interest while voting to propose charter changes for the public to vote on this fall.    

Specifically, he says, lawyers shouldn't have voted on a proposal to create the office of an independent attorney-ombudsman; they shouldn't have voted on rules for selecting and paying private attorneys; and they shouldn't have killed his idea to make county councilmen vote twice, in separate meetings, on spending items.    

All of it, he says, makes it easier for government to hire lawyers.    

``Spillman is just another one of those gadflies who goes around filing ethics complaints about people,'' attorney Doug Daniels said, chuckling. ``He's just having fun. If we had really done a good job, he would have called for an Attorney General's investigation.''    

Spillman named four local lawyers in complaints filed Monday with the state Commission on Ethics in Tallahassee: Daniels, Robert Lloyd, F. Alex Ford Jr., and J. Kermit Coble.    

Daniels didn't seem particularly concerned.    

Spillman himself doesn't figure his complaints will go far.    

``I asked for an investigation, but I doubt if the commission will do it, though,'' Spillman said. ``They're all lazy lawyers up there anyway.''    

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